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The stainless steel Ecopot steamer fits perfectly inside the current model Ecopots (in lieu of the small inner pot) and steams vegetables, fish, chicken or dumplings to perfection. Constructed with the same high quality materials and methods as our inner pots, the lightweight, versatile Ecopot steamer is the perfect accessory to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of cooking with your current model Ecopot.

*NB: sizing is for current model Ecopot units.

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Spacesaver Steamer in box

ECOPOT Steamer

steamER for Ecopot THERMAL COOKERS

Steam healthy vegetables, seafood, poultry, cakes and bread in the Spacesaver Steamer.

Steaming food is a fantastic way of preserving your foods natural goodness and nutrition. Ecopot makes this easy with the additional steamer. Simply replace your solid base 2L pot in your Ecopot with the steamer, add the glass lid and seal as per normal.

NB: Sizing is for current model Ecopot units.

Ecopot is a one-pot wonder. Save time and money with Ecopot.

In the box

  • Ecopot Steamer.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 8.5 cm
What's included

Ecopot Steamer for Spacesaver & 24/7


1 year