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Ecoheat Variable Induction

Ecoheat Smarttouch

The worlds only purpose built RV induction cooker

The speed, the precision temperature control, the cool cooktop surface. The Ecoheat Smart touch Induction Cooktop has it all.

Sleek and compact, the Ecoheat Smart touch Induction Cooktop incorporates 4 variable wattages and 8 temperature settings making Ecoheat perfect for home but also completely portable.

Ecoheat Smarttouch: Precision temperature control

The secret lies in magnetic conversion technology. Tightly wound conductive coils generate precise magnetic energy that instantly and evenly heats your cookware. There are no cold spots, no hot spots, just perfect cooking every time – whether its steak, chicken, lamb or pork. Fresh seafood or those delicious garden greens.

The Ecoheat Smart touch Induction Cooktop also makes the ideal summer BBQ cooker. Windy days and total fire bans are a thing of the past. Simply place a BBQ Griddle plate on the Ecoheat Smart touch Induction Cooktop and grill away.

How does an induction cooktop work?

What is an induction cooktop?

Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element i.e. Induction technology uses magnetic currents to directly heat your pots and pans, instead of the cooktop.

… and What makes ecoheat so different from the others?

Robust surface

Variable power sources


BBQ friendly


Premium quality cookware

Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction

There are many portable induction cookers on the market, but Ecoheat is unique. It’s RV specific design delivers maximum performance both on and off road.


Unlike all other cookers, Ecoheat is made of toughened German in vitro laminated glass. This robust toughened cooktop surface withstands those unexpected knocks and bumps so often encountered when travelling.

Flexible Power Options

Most induction cookers have a default wattage of 12500 watts, rendering them useless when travelling unless 240 volts is available. Ecoheats unique default setting of 500 watts enables you to use the cooker in conjunction with a 2kva generator or 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. The wattage is variable from 1000 , 1500 to 1800 watts making it ideal for home use as well.

BBQ Function

Unlike all other induction cookers, Ecoheats built in BBQ function allows you to safely place a stainless steel or cast iron BBQ plates on its cooktop surface for hours on end. The resilient toughened invitro glass cooktop and 2 speed heat extraction fan means gas bottle free barbecuing anywhere, anytime, even in a total fire ban. And those windy days that blow gas out … they’re a thing of the past.

Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction Cooktop

Ecoheat Induction Cooktop

Dimensions 37cm x 29cm x 4cm
Weight 3kg
Power options
– Watts 500w / 1000w / 1500w / 1800w
– Temperature 60°C -> 200°C
– Connection 240v mains connection for Australian power points
Presets L (Low) 500w, M (Medium) 1000w, H (High) 1500w, BBQ 1800w
Optimal cooking temp 130°C -> 180°C
Safety Cut-off 280°C or if there is no induction pot present on the cooktop for 30 seconds. Lights continue to display however once the fan powers down the unit is off and can be disconnected.

*NB. For adequate cooling the unit should be place on top of the benchtop to allow for sufficient air flow and cooling of the unit during operation. Installation of the unit into a benchtop will hamper cooling effectiveness and void warranty.

Things you’ll love

About Ecoheat

Cooking with induction makes mealtime easier with quicker heat, precise control, and easy clean-up.

Instant Heat

Ecoheat cooks food twice as fast as gas and  three times quicker than electricity.

Even Heat Distribution

Ecoheat cooks food evenly, no hot or cold spots, no matter what the conditions, indoors or outdoors.

Precision Temperature Control

That’s why chefs love Ecoheat. Temperatures are precise and instant ensuring meals cook to perfection.

Its So Safe

Ecoheats exposed surface remains cool to the touch making it safe to handle and put away as soon as cooking has been completed.

Easy Cleaning

Since an induction cooktop seldom gets very hot, food doesn’t burn onto it. This means a splatter, a spill or a pasta-sauce pop calls for a quick swipe of the sponge, not a good, long scrub.

Ecoheat Induction: Families love it
Ecoheat Induction: Chefs love it
Ecoheat Induction in bag

Handy Hints:

Always use induction compatible cookware.

When cooking with induction, always use a low to medium heat (130º – 180ºC). Cooking at higher temperatures can damage cookware and cause food to burn on the outside and not be cooked in the centre.

The easy way to tell if cookware is induction friendly is using the ‘magnetic’ test. Place a magnet on the base of any cookware, if it sticks, it is induction friendly, if it doesn’t, it isn’t.

If a fridge magnet sticks to the base of your cookware its induction friendly. Cookware purchased within the past 10 years is most likely induction friendly.


Ecopots inner pots are both induction friendly.

Smarttouch stocks quality non-stick induction friendly cook ware which is perfect for the Ecoheat.

Check out their range by visiting Smarttouch or simply click the link below.

Smarttouch cook ware


Ecoheat & Griddle plate. Get your BBQ on.

4.5mm thick cast iron construction.

26cm cooking area.

Induction, gas, electric and campfire safe.

Oven and dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My induction cooker is turned on but won't work (red light bar illuminated).

When the red light bar is rigid (not flashing) the cooker is in standby mode only. It will not work until you activate it.

How do I activate the Cooker?

  1. Place an induction friendly pan on cooktop.
  2. Press the power button again. The red light bar is now flashing, indicating the cooker is now in cooking mode.

How should I commence cooking?

The default wattage is 500w – this allows generators and inverters to start or kick-in. Once started, adjust the wattage to 1000w to cook.

  • Wattages: 500w (default), 1000w, 1500w, 1800w.
  • Temperatures: 60°C -> 200°C.

Select your desired wattage, by pressing the W button. To adjust the wattage, ie 2000, 1500, 1000 or 500 watts, use the + or – buttons.

Can I change the preset modes?

Yes, you can change the pre-set modes. Simply press the temperature icon to change cooking mode (red indicator light will move from fry to boil to warm to simmer to stew).

Can I and select a temperature setting?

Yes, simply press either the + or – button to change temperature – from a low of 60 degrees to a high of 200 degrees.

Can I override a cooking mode?

Yes, simply press the + or – buttons to override or change a temperature – from a low of 60 degrees to a high of 200 degrees.

I have a frypan on my cooker but an error code E0 is flashing on the control panel.

This indicates you are trying to cook with a non friendly induction pan. Remove it, and using a fridge magnet, see if the magnet sticks to the base of the pan. As a general rule, only pans with a magnetic base are induction friendly. Induction friendly pots and pans must include some ferrous material in their bases to allow the electro magnet technology – which heats the pan – to work. Pots and pans with aluminium, ceramic, Pyrex and pure stainless steel bases will not work on the cooker. All cast iron and blended stainless steel cookware (which a magnet sticks to) will work.

I've turned the cooker off at the power icon but I still hear the fan working.

This is normal. The cookers fan will keep working even after cooking is complete, the fan is cooling down the internal circuit board and will turn itself off once the cookers internal components have cooled down. It is important to never turn the cooker off at the power point prior to the fan turning itself off.

The cooker just turned itself off whilst I was cooking.

The cooker has a built in setting which will activate and turn the cooker off if the base of any cookware on it exceeds 280 degrees, this is a safety feature. If you find your unit auto-shutting down it could mean that your cookware’s base, though induction friendly, may be too thin for proper use.

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