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About Ecopot 24/7 Retro

Ecopot 24/7 (retro)

– Previous generation –

Welcome Back the original ecopot 24/7 (retro)

The original Ecopot (Retro) model set the standard for the future Ecopot units, and we are pleased to re-introduce the original and its accessories back into the line-up.

Welcome back the original Ecopot 24/7 (Retro) model featuring Ecopot’s Triply bases, Clever Seal and Thermoplas technologies all in the original Ecopot (Retro) form factor:

  • 6L large inner pot
  • 2.5L small inner pot
Because you asked … repeatedly … and we listened, welcome back the original 24/7 (Retro).
Ecopot 24/7 (Retro) model

*NB: The Retro model and accessories are larger than the current model and Spacesaver units and thus, accessories for the Retro model Ecopot units are not interchangeable with current generation units, however we will show you the easy ways of identifying your unit, and if you need to pick up any spare parts for your old unit, we will make sure there is a ‘Retro’ indication on the item, so you know you are getting the right part for the right unit.

Identifying your ecopot unit

Current generation vs Retro

Current Gen.
Outer: Features a flat matte black lid.
Latch: Inline with the outer of the unit, rectangular in shape.
Inner pots: 2L / 5L
Glass lid: Small black knob.
Accessories: Standard size.
Outer: Features a concave black lid with a silver triangle on the top.
Latch: Protrudes from the unit and angles to form a triangular shape. *Replaceable.
Inner pots: 2.5L / 6L
Glass lid: Large black knob.
Accessories: Large size.
Ecopot Large Inner Pot and Lid
Ecopot Social Media Special
Ecopot 24/7 Retro Model
Glass lid & large knob in small pot for Ecopot 24/7 (Retro)

Ecopot 24/7 (Retro) & Accessories available now

Ecopot Thermosteam oven

Ecopot technology

Ecopot is a thermal oven. It generates its own heat by drawing the latent energy stored in the cooking pots triply bases to kick start the Thermosteam process. Its toughened exterior is shock proof whilst its cooking pots are indestructible and can be placed on any heat source, including gas and open fire.


Ecopot’s unique construction allows you to cook to meals at the same time in the one pot. In the large 5 litre pot cook a casserole, curry mix or Bolognese whilst in the smaller 2 litre pot cook your bread and butter pudding, your rice or pasta. No other cooker delivers the versatility of Ecopot’s unique 2 in 1 design.


Both Ecopot’s inner pots are made using triply bases. The 3 layers of thermal retentive metal absorb heat to form a thermal heating element. This thermal element is the catalyst that kick starts the Thermosteam process. The heat is gentle, it’s natural and delivers outstanding restaurant quality results.

Clever Seal

No flavour cross-over. Ecopot uses Clever Seal technology. It guarantees absolutely no cross over of flavours between the two inner pots when cooking different meals at the same time.


Unlike vacuum cookers that leak and lose their heat retention, Ecopot’s tough and durable heat retentive Thermoplas does not allow heat to conduct, trapping heat for up to 8 hours above 60°C. Food safety is ensured.

Ecopot 24/7

built in re-heating option

Ecopot 24/7 with car adapter
Ecopot 24/7s unique technology incorporates a 35 watt (3.3 amp) heating element in its base. The element is designed to boost food temperatures to over 60 degrees Celsius. It draws just 3.4 amps of power. The element is powered by the 12 volt adapter, which is included as a standard part when you purchase an Ecopot 24/7.
Ecopot 24/7 12v car adapter
Ecopot 24/7 12v car adapter

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