Breakfast Pan (induction friendly)

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Breakfast Pan (induction friendly)


The Breakfast Pan is 24cm and includes the breakfast pan (GREBLON non-stick coating) and smart detachable handles. The Breakfast Pan is suitable for all heat surfaces and the pan is oven-proof (no handles), induction friendly and the handles are Red Dot award winners, but what sets the breakfast pan apart is the raised flat warming lip, perfect for keeping food warm whilst cooking.

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Breakfast Pan 24cm



The Breakfast Pan uses rolled multi-layered alumina as its base, this is then spray coated twice with non-stick film, baked in kiln and cured at 400°C (EN 601 Standard) to produce a durable, multi-layered, abrasion resistant, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, non-stick surface, capable of withstanding higher temperatures whilst still providing even heat distribution, excellent thermal efficiency and is the foundation of our cook ware.

The GREBLON® non-stick coating
Almost nothing sticks to Greblon®, Greblon® offer excellent adhesion to the substrate but without adhesion to foods. Greblon® coatings are specifically adaptable, temperature-resistant and high-performance, which give the material optimal function advantages, especially for use in high temperatures.

The Snaplock detachable / interchangeable handles
Smarttouch innovative and award-winning Bakelite detachable handles. The detachable handles provide a strong and sturdy grip when attached to the pan however are a snap to remove, by simply raising the lock-in latch.

Ecopot is the only thermal cooker that guarantees food safety.

In the box

  • Breakfast Pan 24cm.
  • Detachable long handle (Red Dot winner).

Ecoheat Smarttouch Induction cooktop
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 29 × 7 cm
What's included

Breakfast Pan 24cm, Removable long handle


3 years