Ecopot White

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Ecopot White


The new Ecopot 3.5L White unit also comes with a new base that is a combination of a Diffusion Plate and Stainless Steel, this allows stored based heat to slowly diffuse through the Ecopot, the retained trapped heat triggers onset of the Thermal Cooking Process. The saucepan is now 3.5 litre with a stainless-steel lid. The small saucepan is 1.2 litre and now is called a Poaching Pot.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 34 × 34 cm
What's included

Ecopot White, Inner pot, Stainless lid, Ecopot Thermal Cooker Cookbook


3 years

Introducing the new Ecopot (White). This is Ecopot, a cooking appliance without a plug saving you loads on your energy bills. It’s not pressurised so it’s safer and gentler. Cooking ingredients are infused, flavours enhanced and the food retains its texture. The secret is the steam, Ecopot traps and stores heat creating an oven without the need for power. Kickstart the cook by placing the inner pot on to any heat source for 10-15 minutes and the layered diffusion base of the inner pot traps and stores the heat, now pop it into the outer pot. Ecopot does the rest, beautifully cooked food whenever and wherever you want it. It just makes total sense, cooks beautifully, saving time and saving money. Ecopot, it’s cooking without power.