Ecopot Spacesaver

Ecopot Spacesaver


Thermosteam oven.
Durable construction perfect for home or travel.
  • 2 in 1 Versatility. Ecopots unique construction allows you to cook to meals at the same time in the one pot (5L and 2L inner pots).
  • Triply. Both Ecopots inner pots are made using triply bases. The 3 layers of thermal retentive metal absorb heat to form a thermal heating element.
  • Clever Seal. No flavour cross-over, Ecopot uses Clever Seal technology. It guarantees absolutely no cross over of flavours between the two inner pots when cooking different meals at the same time.
  • Thermoplas. Ecopots tough and durable heat retentive Thermoplas does not allow heat to conduct, trapping heat for up to 8 hours above 60°C. Food safety is ensured.

Every Ecopot comes with a comprehensive cooking guide detailing how long to put food on the stove for, then how long it takes to fully cook, ready to eat.


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Ecopot Spacesaver
Natural goodness

Ecopot Spacesaver

Thermosteam oven

Ecopot is a thermal oven. It generates its own heat by drawing the latent energy stored in the cooking pots triply bases to kick start the thermosteam process. Its toughened exterior is shock proof whilst its cooking pots are indestructible and can be placed on any heat source, including gas and open fire.

Thermo Steam Technology
The secret to Ecopots perfect results lies in its thermosteam technology. Unlike slow and pressure cookers that utilise powerful heating elements to cook food, Ecopot utilises slow and gentle thermosteam as its heating source.

What is Thermosteam?
Thermosteam is created within the Ecopot itself. Its natural heat that is created by placing its inner pots on a cooktop for a few minutes, trapping energy in the cooking pots thick triply base. This trapped heat, once placed inside the Ecopot chamber creates thermosteam that cooks food gently, just as nature intended.

Ecopot is the only thermal cooker that guarantees food safety.

In the box

  • Ecopot Spacesaver outer pot.
  • 5L inner pot.
  • 2L inner pot.
  • Glass Lid.
  • Comprehensive cooking guide and instructions.

Weight4 kg
Dimensions31 × 31 × 30 cm
What's included

Ecopot Spacesaver, 5L inner pot, 2L inner pot, Glass lid, Ecopot Thermal Cooker Cookbook