Greek Style Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt

There are a few tricks to getting yoghurt to set and it is really all solved with good hygiene and controlling the temperature. Oh and allowing time for nature to do its thing.


1 litre uht milk
60g powdered milk (about 4-5tablespoons, helps make a thicker yoghurt)
120g starter (yoghurt reserved from previous batch or from a fresh small tub of purchased yoghurt. use a good quality brand without sugars and thickening agents such as jalna, farmers union, chobani)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients and heat while stirring constantly to ensure even heating until mixture reaches 40°C (DO NOT EXCEED this temp or you will kill the cultures you need to develop for good yoghurt) I do this for 6mins in the Thermomix, 40°, speed 3.
  2. Pour into sterilised glass jars and seal, make sure you have a small jar for your next batch as a starter.
  3. Then place in the large pot and place inside the Eco Pot and close lid.
  4. Set aside UNDISTURBED for 7-10 hours. I leave for about 7 hours as I don’t like the sourness it can get if left too long.
  5. Once set, place the jars into the fridge to chill before using the beautiful thick yoghurt.

    Any sampling before this can upset the curds and turn it into a separated mess. (If this does happen, not all is lost, as it can be strained using a clean disposable cloth (Chux type), in a sieve to leave a really nice soft cheese and whey. I use the whey as a high protein base for smoothies and drinks).

    If you like sweetened yoghurt, simply add a little honey or your preferred choice of sweetener at the mixing stage, you could also add a little vanilla paste there too. Though be careful not to add anything with preservatives or salt.

    Once it has set and chilled, then, by gently mixing, add cooked fruit if desired. This is better added just before serving in my opinion, as the yoghurt keeps best in the plain state for up to 3 weeks in the fridge provided there is always a clean spoon used.

    Heat sterilisation of milk if using Fresh milk
    Heat just the milk to 90°C and hold at this temp for 20 mins whilst stirring. Do NOT allow to boil. Take off the heat and let mixture cool until it reaches 37-40°C. Then follow the recipe above. Will take about an hour for the mixture to cool down enough to use.

    You could also set this yoghurt in other containers such as food safe plastic. I do however find they are much more difficult to sterilise properly and can impart flavours not wanted in my yoghurt. If you can, use glass or stainless steel. They will provide a better result and then once chilled transfer the yoghurt to other containers.

  6. Cooking time 10 mins.
  7. leave to set for 7-10 hours.

HINT …  I use my Thermomix to mix and heat the mixture but you could use the internal pot and induction cook top to heat your milk mixture while stirring to ensure even heating. If you want to use fresh milk, the process is a little more complicated and time consuming than if using UHT milk. I prefer to use UHT as it is very quick and eliminates having to heat sterilise the milk yourself.


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