Fabio’s Spaghetti Bolognese


Sent in by our friendly Italian bar manager Fabio who loves cooking. He insists that a good Bolognese must have a bit of spice complemented with a herby taste. We tried it out and it’s in the book, its that good.


1 tbsp oil
1 kg mince, lean
410 gm can tomatoes, crushed
3 onions, sliced medium
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 red chilli, deseeded and sliced fine
1 bay leaf
1 tsp italian herbs
10 black olives
200 ml red wine

Cooking Instructions

  1. In small inner pot heat oil, add mince and cook till browned.
  2. Remove and rest.
  3. Add onion to pot and cook until translucent.
  4. Return mince to pot.
  5. Add remaining ingredients to pot and stir through.
  6. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
  7. Half fill large inner pot with boiling water.
  8. Place small inner pot into larger pot. Transfer pot to Ecopot, with lid on.
  9. Cooking time 2 hours.

HINT … Serve on a bed of freshly cooked spaghetti and garnish with shaved parmesan and freshly cracked pepper.


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